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Anton Callaway marillen at earthlink.net
Sat Nov 17 13:48:44 EST 2007

I've got some nice Japanese plum trees growing on PumiSelect.  They're 3 years old, so I can''t rule out some kind of delayed incompatibility, but the literature I read prior to ordering them suggested them for plums as well.

Zone 8

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>Hi Pete,
>What Tom suggested is a good possibility to save the variety of tree that your grandfather had.  Also I have grafted peach onto the Pumiselect rootstock and the Krymsk 1 successfully.  Both are somewhat dwarfing.  Pumiselect will give you a tree about 60% of standard and Krymsk 1 will give you a tree about 50% of standard depending on your growing conditions.  I see that Raintree Nursery has Krymsk 1 available.  Off hand I don't know where you can get small quantities of Pumiselect.  Pumiselect is supposedly only good for peach and possibly apricot whereas Krymsk 1 is suppose to be good for peach, plum, apricot, and nectarine.
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>  Hi,
>  My grandfather had a peach tree on his old farm that's probably going  
>  to die soon. I'd like to propagate it onto my farm this year, for  
>  both his sake and mine, but I'm at a loss as to where I can get peach  
>  rootstock, as my old standbys, St. Lawrence Nursery and FedCo Trees,  
>  don't carry it. I have no idea what kind of peach it is, other than  
>  really really delicious. Based on what books I do have my inclination  
>  is towards Lovell or Halford stock. There haven't been trees of any  
>  kind on the farm for quite some time. (I'm changing that!)
>  The soil on the farm is well drained, sandy loam, ex-pasture.
>  So, do any of you have recommendations for types of stock and  
>  preferred suppliers?
>  Thanks a bunch,
>  Pete Solis
>  (zone 4-5)
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