[NAFEX] brown tor resistance, was: Plum Curculio Resistant Cultivars

Douglas Woodard dwoodard at becon.org
Thu Nov 15 15:59:14 EST 2007

According to my reading, movement of minerals (and I presume sugars and 
other items) across a graft union tends to be imperfect. The 
concentration in the sap above the union (for upward movement of 
minerals) is less than below. I don't recall reading anything about how 
the degree of obstruction might vary with for example, genetic 
relatedness of rootstock and scion, but I guess that there would be a 

There has been some work on own-rooted peach trees going back 20-30 
years or so. I don't know the methods used but there is a wide range of 
possiblities from cuttings treated with rooting hormones down to tissue 

Doug Woodard
St. catharines, Ontario, Canada

Mark & Helen Angermayer wrote:
> Anton,
> Why would switching to "own rooted trees for new plantings" increase uptake
> of available calcium?  Also, how is a peach tree grown on it's own roots?
> I've never seen peach trees advertised other than on commercial rootstocks
> (Bailey, Halford, Lovell).  Do you mean burying the peach tree below graft?
> How successful is this in causing the peach tree to root out?
> Mark
> KS
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