[NAFEX] Peach rootstock

ROBERT W JUDY A HARTMAN hartmansfruit at msn.com
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Hi Pete,

What Tom suggested is a good possibility to save the variety of tree that your grandfather had.  Also I have grafted peach onto the Pumiselect rootstock and the Krymsk 1 successfully.  Both are somewhat dwarfing.  Pumiselect will give you a tree about 60% of standard and Krymsk 1 will give you a tree about 50% of standard depending on your growing conditions.  I see that Raintree Nursery has Krymsk 1 available.  Off hand I don't know where you can get small quantities of Pumiselect.  Pumiselect is supposedly only good for peach and possibly apricot whereas Krymsk 1 is suppose to be good for peach, plum, apricot, and nectarine.

Western Washington
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  My grandfather had a peach tree on his old farm that's probably going  
  to die soon. I'd like to propagate it onto my farm this year, for  
  both his sake and mine, but I'm at a loss as to where I can get peach  
  rootstock, as my old standbys, St. Lawrence Nursery and FedCo Trees,  
  don't carry it. I have no idea what kind of peach it is, other than  
  really really delicious. Based on what books I do have my inclination  
  is towards Lovell or Halford stock. There haven't been trees of any  
  kind on the farm for quite some time. (I'm changing that!)

  The soil on the farm is well drained, sandy loam, ex-pasture.

  So, do any of you have recommendations for types of stock and  
  preferred suppliers?

  Thanks a bunch,
  Pete Solis
  (zone 4-5)
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