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We also like the Asian Lady Beetles.  They keep us from having to do at least 2 sprays per season.  There are methods to keep them out of your home without killing thhem completely.  If they are a problem inside your home, you can use pesticides as a perimeter treatment during late fall to help prevent beetles from getting into the home. Use materials which will leave a long lasting residue. Wettable powders, micro-encapsulated and suspended concentrate formulations seem to work best. On the outside of the home, pest control operators have used long-lasting/rapid knockdown chemicals such as Demand or Suspend with excellent success. Talstar, Tempo, or Demon may also be used. These materials may afford protection for up to 1 month, depending upon the site of application. Homeowners may use a number of products at rates labeled for "household invading" or "occasional pests". Of these materials ifenthrin and deltamethrin are the longest lasting. In either case, the key to control is to apply the chemicals to the outside of the home in October just prior to soybean harvest season while the beetles begin to congregate but before they enter the home. Hope this helps!

Dennis Norton
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  I agree with Tom - I like ladybugs (and all manner of insects).  And if a few come in, I certainly don't mind.  For us, though, we have had thousands come into the house during the last two winters, and that does become a problem.  Unfortunately, we'd probably have to cover the whole south side of the house to make much of an impact. 
  This fall, so far, the numbers are way, way lower than in previous years.
  Shendoah Valley of Virginia

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  I like ladybugs.  Lady bugs eat aphids.  The more ladybugs the better.  If
  they congregate on a wall, more power to them.  A few getting into the house
  is fine.

  Just my opinion.


  Paul R. Cabe, PhD
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