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The Asian ladybugs are simply more aggressive.  They will even try to nip


The Asian ladybugs were introduced I believe because they are more






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The only problem I have with the Asian lady bugs is that they are taking
over. The cute, red with black spots, lady bugs most of us knew when we were
children are rapidly going extinct.
There are so many of them, I'm a little surprised that the population hasn't
crashed because they have eaten all of their available food.


I agree, I have not found any disagreement with asian lady bugs so far.

Just my opinion as well,

Hélène, north of Ottawa.

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> Hi,


> I like ladybugs.  Lady bugs eat aphids.  The more ladybugs the better.  If

> they congregate on a wall, more power to them.  A few getting into the 

> house

> is fine.


> Just my opinion.


> Later,

> Tom



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