[NAFEX] Asian lady beetles

Michele Stanton 6ducks at gmail.com
Tue Nov 13 12:16:03 EST 2007

HI all,
I think I have found an Asian lady beetle repellent........has anyone
else tried this?

Three weeks ago when the first wave of Asian lady beetles tried to
collect around my laundry room door (the same location they have
congregated in past autumns), I had an 'aha! moment.  I sprayed
Febreze around the doorjam, both inside and out.  No more beetles

After a few weeks and several rains, I noticed a handful of beetles
congregating around the door yesterday.  I resprayed Febreeze, both
inside and out.  THe  inside beetles dispersed, and no newcomers have
appeared.  IN previous years, I would have had many beetles.

This is either coincidental, or the Febreeze is messing with the
insects' congregation pheromones.

Any entomologists out there?  Thoughts, anyone?

Michele Stanton

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