[NAFEX] Introduction of apples to North America

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May I offer to this discussion the work of William Dunmire, The Gardens of New Spain, who traces plantways back from the northern frontiers of a slightly earlier colonisation of N America, to the horticultural hub which Spain had become largely through the Arabs collecting and testing everything between Europe and Papua New Guinea...

(see description: 

Also Estevan Arellano, an agricultural historian and traditional grower from northern New Mexico who initiated the Camino Real Project recovering survivors of those old varieties and is central to a group re-creating those Al-Munyahs (private horticultural experiment sites), has brought us Ancient Agriculture: Roots and Application of Sustainable Farming, a seminal handbook dating from those times...

(see description: http://www.amazon.com/Ancient-Agriculture-Application-Sustainable-Farming/dp/1423601203

And see Frank Browning, Apples, for a look into north American culture of the apple plus a search back to the apple's origins in Central Asia...

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