[NAFEX] Layering/stooling American persimmon

ADAMSON, Karl Karl.Adamson at apvma.gov.au
Mon Nov 12 18:51:39 EST 2007

Hi Guys,
I've just come across this site and I must say it's a great source of

I've just been given access to an abandoned quarantine trial orchard
that was established in the early seventies.  Amongst the little gems
I've found I think are two American persimmon (ID is sketchy as I don't
have a key for diospyros).  I have one very vigorous tall tree (way to
tall to see the flowers) and one tree which was destroyed by fires in
2002 but has since resprouted (root suckers are about 4ft high).

I've got some kaki rootstock just sprouted from seed so I'll be able to
graft the trees in a couple of years to bring them back down to a
manageable size.  But in the meantime I'm wondering if the one that's
suckering can be stooled or layered so I can make trees that way?

I'm just hoping one is male and one is female. I've never heard of
American persimmon in Australia, so it would be a great find!


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