[NAFEX] Fruit in shade & invaisive plants

Martha L. Davis martha_davis at earthlink.net
Sun Nov 11 23:38:22 EST 2007

Regarding invasive plants. I think it depends on where you live.  Wineberry does not appear to be invasive here.  An experinced gardening friend has lost it twice here in zone 5 new Mexico.

Regarding fruit in shade.  To some extent it depends on the climate in Illinois Cornus mas grew well in full sun to part shade.  In high elevation New Mexico.  It is stunted without at least part shade, though this may really be a moisture issue.

Regarding persimmons and shade.  Based on the experiences Jerry Lehman and I had at Claypool's orchard (southern Illinois), persimmon trees (the American one, D. virginiana) when crowded for sun grow much more vertically (and taller) and lose their lower limbs.  Eventually there was little access to scion wood and the fruit falls a much longer distance.  The trees in a wider landscape setting with sun from the sides remained shorter and kept their lower limbs.  I have also seen the same effect on different sides of the same tree.  Many tree do this, but the question was regarding persimmons.  I think various currents and gooseberries may be the most shade tolerant if you actually want fruit too and are in a temperate zone.  Pawpaws need shade when they are young, but once the one I had on the North side of a 6 foot fence got above the fence there were many more flower buds on the part that had full sun than the shaded part.  Who knows how much sun It would tolerate in New Mexico.


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