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>  On a related note, does anyone have a way to efficiently remove the seeds 
> from
> persimmon pulp without separating them by hand for hours? 

Hello Mark,

Thanks for the report of the fruiting difference you observed in your 
persimmon tree going from open shade to full sun. I'll include it my records of 
persimmon grower reports. 

Here is one way I've removed the seed sacks from many persimmon seeds. After 
pulping I place them in a bucket with water and mix. Leave them set for about 
2 days add more water, stir then pour off the water. Yes, many will float off 
but a screen will hold them. Now repeat the this step again. The seed sacks 
will now be softened. After pouring off the water well the third time, work the 
seeds with your hands many of the sacks will readily come off. If they are 
really softened you can direct a hard stream of water using the garden hose 
directly onto the seeds forcing more sacks off. You will learn with experience. 
I've cleaned many pounds of seed with this basic method. 

Jerry Lehman
NAFEX Persimmon Interest Group

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