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                                                  Videos available from 2006 &
 2007 annual meeting.
Videos are now available of the technical presentations from the 2006 and 
2007 annual meetings. They are available as MPG files on DVD disks for viewing on 
computers or as a DVD for DVD players. Be sure to specify which format you 
wish, MPG or DVD. The first disk is $15.00 and each additional disk with same 
order is $12.00 each, which includes postage. Questions, contact me off line. 
Jerry Lehman, 7780 Persimmon St., Terre Haute, IN 47802-4994   Ph. 

Speakers and subjects from annual meeting 2006.

Disk 2006-1     1:30
MPG.95  Exploring the Caucasus Mountains for Wild Fruits and Nuts, Joseph 
MPG.95  Pawpaw, Currant and Gooseberry, Kirk Pomper 
MPG.95  Apricots, A Wider Geographical Possibility, Bob Purvis 

Disk 2006-2     1:20
MPG.96  Primocane Fruiting Blackberries: Origin and Potential, John Clark 
MPG.96  Novel Fruits for the Backyard & Retail Growers, Charlotte Shelton
MPG.96  Unusual Fruits for Backyard Orchards, Heirloom and New, Richard Moyer 

Disk 2006-3     1:30
MPG.97  Breeding Pears for Psylla and Fire Blight Resistance, Richard Bell 
MPG.97  Fall Bearing Black Raspberry Breeding Progress, Pete Tallman 
MPG.97  Fruit Breeding for the Amateur, Felix Cooper 

Disk 2006-4     1:20
MPG.98  New Novel (Wild) Apples from Tien Shan, Central Asia, Diane Miller 
MPG.98  Propagating the Tough Stuff (Nuts, Pawpaws, and Persimmon), John 
MPG.98  Sure-Fire Techniques for Budding Peach, Ray Armstrong 

Disk 2006-5     1:00     Camera was located such that the speakers silhouette 
blocks part of the video screen.
MPG.99  Banquet Speaker Pouring Cold Molasses on New Variety Introductions: 
               Moves Quicker?  DR. John Clark 

Speakers and subjects from annual meeting 2007.

Disk 2007-1     0:30     **
MPG135  "Bees for fruit pollination." Dr. Mike Hood, Extension/Research 
Apiculturist in the Department of Entomology, Soils, and Plant Sciences, Clemson 

Disk 2007-2     0:25     **
MPG136  "Insect/mite fruit and tree pest IPM."  Dr. Dan Horton, Professor of 
Entomology in the Department of Entomology, University of Georgia.

Disk 2007-3     0:25     **
MPG137  "Economically important diseases of peach and strawberry"
Dr. Guido Schnabel, Associate Professor of Plant Pathology in the Department 
of Entomology, Soils, and Plant Sciences at Clemson University

Disk 2007-4     0:25     **
MPG138  "Figs for the South." Ray Givan, Guyton, Georgia

Disk 2007-5     0:25     **
MPG139  "Mulberries and Che."  A.J. Bullard, Mount Olive, North Carolina.

Disk 2007-6     0:20     Speaker had no visual illustrations.
MPG140 "Citrus for climate zones 8A and 8B."  David Lavergne, Jarreau, 

Disk 2007-7     0:25     Speaker had no visual illustrations. 
MPG141  "Growing Oriental (kaki) Persimmons in Maryland." William Preston, 
Jr., Glenn Dale, MD

Disk 2007-8     0:25     **
MPG145  "Peach cultivars and advanced selections." Dr. Desmond Layne, Clemson 

Disk 2007-9     0:20     **
MPG147  "Southern apple cultivars." Dr. Steve McArtney, Assistant Professor 
of Horticulture, North Carolina University.  Expertise is apple cultivars, 
production, and flower physiology.

Disk 2007-10     0:30     
MPG148  "Grapes for Southern winemakers." Dr. David Lockwood, Professor in 
the Plant Sciences Department of the University of Tennessee.

Disk 2007-11     0:30
MPG150 & 151  "Tree and small fruit viruses and viroids." Dr. Simon Scott, 
Professor of Plant Pathology in the Department of Entomology, Soils, and Plant 
Sciences at Clemson University. 

Disk 2007-12     0:30
MPG152   "Precision Plant Improvement: An Aid to Hybridization."  Dr. Anton 
Callaway.  BASF Plant Sciences, Apex, North Carolina.

Presentations marked ** have a color hue variation cycling at about 1 second, 
caused by an interaction between the PowerPoint projector and video camera. 
This didn't occur when the camera was on the speaker and podium nor in 2006 
videos. Some viewers may find this objectionable, but the subject illustrations 
can clearly be seen.  

Some will consider this a commercial. Hopefully most will consider this a 
service. The margins will never pay for the equipment. 

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