[NAFEX] Medlars

Lon J. Rombough lonrom at hevanet.com
Sun Nov 4 23:49:39 EST 2007

Had a surprise today.  I went to check my medlars and found that a fair 
number had already bletted on one of the tree medlar trees I have.  
They are all the same variety, "Nottingham".  That was the first time 
that has happened here.  Usually the fruits drop before they blet.  
Another aspect of the different weather, apparently.  There weren't any 
marks or indications of injury that might have sped up the process, 
either.   The flavor seemed more intense than the usual ones, bletted 
off the tree.   If there was a way to breed for "tree ripened" medlars, 
it could be useful.  No storing or bletting needed, just process the 
picked fruit into pulp immediately.
-Lon Rombough
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