[NAFEX] Tart Apples

Anton Callaway marillen at earthlink.net
Sat Nov 3 22:23:43 EDT 2007

I love this apple too.  As grown in NY it is a very good apple, reminiscent of it's Jonathan ancestry.

However, don't try growing it in the Southeastern US.  It is quite susceptible to fireblight.  

Zone 8 

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>Alan Haigh, The Home Orchard Co., Carmel NY
>In recent discussion of useful tart apple cultivars, one variety unmentioned
>but deserving is Idared.  While it's not the dense fleshed and complex apple
>that I most prefer, people who like the texture of a Cortlandt but something
>tart should love this apple.  It's juicy and is considered an excellent
>cooker, reasonably firm, stores well and most of all, unbelievably annually
>productive wherever I've grown it, even when allowed to over-bare.
> I think iIdared is probably  a regional variety and may not be suited for
>climates much hotter than the Hudson Valley in NY.  I forgot to mention
>that It's quite tastey and also a very attractive apple with some resistance
>to sooty blotch and flyspeck.  I harvested some today (Oct. 31) that
>recieved only 3 sprays and they were clean enough to sell in a grocery
>store.  In this region late apples are seldom so clean out of this low-spray
>program that provides no protection against summer fungus

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