[NAFEX] Autumn Olive Season

Matt Demmon mdemmon at gmail.com
Thu Nov 1 19:37:08 EDT 2007

Late reply, I don't have much access to email lately. Anyways, yes,
they are delicious although somewhat astringent and tart. If you can
find trees that have larger berries than usual, that makes the picking
a lot easier. I found some where I live that had berries the size of a
large pea and were in nice clusters that you could strip easily into a
bucket. I ran them through a 'Squeezo' and got two pints of pulp out
of two pints of berries. Not quite sure how that worked. It was a
little watery, and I added some sugar to taste, and froze. Made an
absolutely delicious sauce.

SE MI zone 5.

On 10/14/07, John S <swim_at_svc at yahoo.com> wrote:
> It's prime autumn olive season here.  There are a couple of local wild trees
> completely covered and fully mature, since we have yet to have our normal
> fall frosts.  Does anyone do anything with these?  Is anything happening
> commercially with them?
> Thanks
> John

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