[NAFEX] abandoned orchard / old apples question

Carol Fall cjfall at ucdavis.edu
Thu May 31 14:16:56 EDT 2007

I'm not sure what varieties of apples might have been popular at that time
in Washington, but I'm sure the list is very long.  Still, I have some
suggestions based on our Heritage Orchard Project in very northern
California (almost Oregon)....

Check with the archaeologist serving that agency.  In our area BLM has been
identifying some of the old varieties.   USFS hasn't gone that far, but they
can usually tell you the history of the orchard.  When it was planted gives
you some clues as to what varieties were available.

Many of our homesteads (which have since reverted to the feds) were patented
around 1910 - 1925.  We use references like "California Fruits and How to
Grow Them" by Wickson, which recommended about 50 different varieties, as a
starting point for that era.  The Historical Society has also provided
newspaper articles and ads describing different varieties sold around that

But after all that, I still just hike in, pick the fruit, work through
ripening date, color, shape, taste, etc etc, make a guess, then ship it off
to someone who is much better at identifying old varieties!  Good luck and
good exploring.

Carol Fall
Trinity County Cooperative Extension  

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Since Google updated the images in Google Earth for my neck of the 
woods, I noticed what appears to be an abandoned orchard on a homestead 
in the middle of federal land (coordinates are 48°27'47.96"N, 

The orchard hasn't been touched since the homestead was taken over in 
the mid-1930s by FDR's Resettlement Administration.

Before I hike the mile or so into the woods to see what is actually 
there, does anyone have an idea as to what varieties of apples would 
have been grown in the early 20th century in Washington State?

Amanda Emily
Colville, WA (z/5b)
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