[NAFEX] repelling wolf spiders

Donna &/or Kieran holycow at cookeville.com
Thu May 31 00:12:19 EDT 2007

What you should do is have a mason jar and a 3X5" card handy and a guy to 
catch them.  With luck one of the ladies won't mind doing it.  Here in 
Tennessee we find this works fine for wasps and most spiders, though we do 
have a very handsome species we refer to as a "wide mouth jar spider". 
These latter prefer outbuildings, and tend to move quickly at night, seeming 
to appear out of nowhere and then freeze in place.  Though we like them very 
much, they are not good for the faint of heart in the outhouse.    Donna
P.S.  Don't they sell some kind of spray cans of CO2 gas that will cool a 
spider or wasp down to where they are easy to catch?   I think the ladies 
might find that makes them feel better without damaging "Organic Valley's 

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