[NAFEX] Dying pecan- can I determine variety of survivor?

Mark & Helen Angermayer hangermayer at isp.com
Wed May 30 17:35:17 EDT 2007

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 <Lucky.Pittman> wrote:

> > I can differentiate it from most of the northern pecans in my
collection, based on its growth habit and bud
> structure, but when you compare it with Creek(its full-sib) and some of
the other Southern pecans, I can't tell
> them apart.

I was under the impression Pawnee was a northern pecan?  According to Bill
Reid's recommendations, its one of a few pecans that will fill here in the
north half of Kansas.  What differentiates a Rebel pecan from a Yankee?  Is
it the Mason/Dixon line.

Kansas territory

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