[NAFEX] nafex Digest, Vol 52, Issue 73

oowonbs at netscape.net oowonbs at netscape.net
Wed May 30 11:29:02 EDT 2007

> When picked, my gooseberries retain a slight bit of their stem and 
dried blossom.  When you make gooseberry jam, do you leave the stem and
blossom or do you painstakingly pick off each dried blossom and stem 
from each berry?

Jim Fruth
Brambleberry Farm

I'd say that is why Grandma always made jelly from it. The tiny bit of 
left during cooking, but not forced through the sieve, adds tannins. 
You could
do the painstaking routine for just a handful of berries per qt of 
jelly. They
would have to be separately processed and tossed in later. Then you'd 
into them, sorta tough skins I believe, and they could squirt and make 
a stain.
Worth it? The jelly's great!
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