[NAFEX] Grape vine attachments (Hal Love)

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Tue May 29 21:55:08 EDT 2007

I just discovered these the other day on my beach plums, but profuse,  
some leaves solid with them.  I just looked thru two different  
disease books & didn't find them.


On May 29, 2007, at 2:59 PM, Shirley Murphy wrote:

> Thanks Hal for the suggestion but no, they do not look like the  
> photo link.
> They are more elongated and pointed like spikes and have a reddish
> appearance which when magnified show streaks of red on green.  They  
> are
> fewer in number and do not seem to penetrate the leaf but merely sit
> attached to the surface.
> Shirley
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>> Sounds like phylloxera galls, although they are usually on the  
>> underside
>> of the leaves. The leaf galls are usually not a problem on  
>> Catawba, which
>> is only mildly susceptible.
>> Did they look like this?
>> http://www.ppdl.purdue.edu/PPDL/images/grape_phyllox-leaf_abax.jpeg
>> Hal
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>>  My Catawba grape vine appears to be healthy but new leaves have  
>> 1/2cm
>> long vertical soft budlike attachments on the upper surface.  Looking
>> through a loupe they appear green with red streaks.   I cut one  
>> open to
>> find that it is hollow inside.  No insect activity is apparent.  I  
>> have
>> looked through some books including "The Grape Grower" and cannot  
>> find any
>> such description.  I am located in SW Tennessee.  Does anyone have  
>> any
>> thoughts on what they might be and any suggestions of what if  
>> anything I
>> should do?  If they are harmful I would like to control them with the
>> least toxic means.  If they are beneficial I would like to  
>> encourage them.
>>  Shirley Murphy

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