[NAFEX] Grape vine attachments (Hal Love)

Shirley Murphy samurphy at isp.com
Tue May 29 15:59:02 EDT 2007

Thanks Hal for the suggestion but no, they do not look like the photo link. 
They are more elongated and pointed like spikes and have a reddish 
appearance which when magnified show streaks of red on green.  They are 
fewer in number and do not seem to penetrate the leaf but merely sit 
attached to the surface.

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> Sounds like phylloxera galls, although they are usually on the underside 
> of the leaves. The leaf galls are usually not a problem on Catawba, which 
> is only mildly susceptible.
> Did they look like this? 
> http://www.ppdl.purdue.edu/PPDL/images/grape_phyllox-leaf_abax.jpeg
> Hal
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>  My Catawba grape vine appears to be healthy but new leaves have 1/2cm 
> long vertical soft budlike attachments on the upper surface.  Looking 
> through a loupe they appear green with red streaks.   I cut one open to 
> find that it is hollow inside.  No insect activity is apparent.  I have 
> looked through some books including "The Grape Grower" and cannot find any 
> such description.  I am located in SW Tennessee.  Does anyone have any 
> thoughts on what they might be and any suggestions of what if anything I 
> should do?  If they are harmful I would like to control them with the 
> least toxic means.  If they are beneficial I would like to encourage them.
>  Shirley Murphy

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