[NAFEX] Saskatoons

Chex chex.rice at gmail.com
Tue May 29 12:51:06 EDT 2007

One of the best links I have found on serviceberries is
There is a map of the native range of all of the serviceberries.
Another good link is Plants For A Future's page on serviceberries
PFAF gives edibility ratings on the wild native serviceberries and
could be a starting point for a serviceberry explorer.  I just wish I
had more land to be able to work with finding a suitable native strain
for the locals.

zone 5a, IL

On 5/24/07, S & E Hills <ehills7408 at wowway.com> wrote:
> I've been growing saskatoons for about 4 years.  I ordered from Okios about
> 3-4 different kinds, hoping to be able to decide upon what fruited best for
> me.  (unfortunately my computer crasked and now I am not sure of which ones
> are which...lol)
> Two plantings are currently showing developing fruit.  I am hoping they
> prove as tasty as the ones I pick from in front of a lawyer's office a
> couple streets over (I should just start trying to grow seeds from them, if
> serviceberries are as tempermental as they seem to be given the struggles
> people are mentioning having in trying to get them to fruit).  I just hope
> the cedar waxwings miss my plants (as they seem to be my only competition
> for the ones next to the lawyer's office).
> S. Hills
> Maybe I should see if I can find a key to identifying and re-identify the
> different kinds of them I have growing.

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