[NAFEX] Fire blight on dwarf apple espalier

Hilborn.E at epamail.epa.gov Hilborn.E at epamail.epa.gov
Tue May 29 12:17:48 EDT 2007

I am a newbie apple grower and need some help.

 I am growing dwarf apples (on M9 root stock) in an oblique cordon
espalier, 2 foot spacing. I tend to garden organically.

I have had minimal problems with fire blight in previous years, light
pruning was all that was needed.

Now my 4 year old American Golden Russet is severely affected.

I have had to prune repeatedly this spring to remove affected wood (and
2 inches below damage if possible). However,  multiple lower laterals
have been removed back to the main trunk on this tree, and I can see
brown cambium at the cut, so I believe that it is infected back to the
trunk.  A few other trees in the collection appear to be only lightly

Question: Given the spacing and pruning intensity on my small collection
of 24 apples and pears grown in this manner, is it best for me to remove
this tree to save the others, or is there a way to successfully treat

Do I need to spray antibiotic over all the trees?  Is it commercially

Betsy Hilborn
NC 7a

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