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Two links for you:
1)  White Asparagus Production in Alberta

2)  ATTRA has a publication on growing asparagus organically (as well as
many fruits, vegetables and other crops - it's a great resource!). The link
to the list of veggie crops is:
scroll down to find "Orgainic Asparagus Production."
There are links to the html and pdf versions.  However, at the top of the
html formated page is the message:

This publication contains references to enclosures which are available in
hard copy only. Please call our toll free number to receive a copy.
The reason I mention that is becuase this pub has a paragraph pertaining to
white asparagus production (see below) referring to an enclosed article.
This article isn't in the electronic version, hence you need to call ATTRA.

Good luck on growing 'gus!!
Librarian, Paul Evans Library of Fruit Science, Missouri State University
 White Asparagus

White asparagus is produced when spears are grown in the absence of light.
White asparagus has a milder flavor than green asparagus and thus brings a
higher ("gourmet") market price. The traditional practice for blanching
asparagus was to mound up soil or straw over the asparagus row. Hand labor
was required to manage and harvest the mounds and consequently the mound
technique is no longer practiced in the U.S.

Dr. Don Makus, while research horticulturist with the USDA Agricultural
Research Service in Booneville, Arkansas, perfected the use of simple row
tunnels covered with black, opaque plastic to produce white asparagus. (Dr.
Makus has since relocated to a USDA station in Texas.) Enclosed is *White
Asparagus Production Using Opaque Plastic Covers*, an article describing
this technique.
[*White Asparagus Production Using Opaque Plastic Covers *in: *Arkansas farm
research - Arkansas Agricultural Experiment Station.* 40, no. 2 (Mar/Apr
1991. ): p. 10-11.]

On 5/27/07, Rick Hurd <ricksindexing at hotmail.com> wrote:
>  Hello,
> Could someone please direct me to a good source of information on growing
> asparagus commercially? Any information would be appreciated. I am
> interested in growing "white" asparagus organically.
> I reside in N. E. Missouri. USA, and have about two feet of good rich clay
> topsoil.
> Thank You in advance.
> Sincerely,
> Rick Hurd.
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