[NAFEX] Montmorency Cherry problem

Deb Schneider debs at yahoo.com
Sun May 27 12:37:40 EDT 2007

My two year old sour cherry is growing oddly.  We had that weird weather...very warm in March than a very hard freeze.  This cherry appeared to still be dormant during this period (though the other cherries had blossomed).  About three weeks ago this cherry blossomed...not strongly, but every branch did have some flowers.  Now it has set a few cherries...maybe two or three on each branch.  What it HAS NOT done, is leafed out.  There are some tiny leaves and leaf buds on each branch, but it's like the tree has stalled out.
  I did put a fertilizer spike down and we are watering.  All my other fruit trees are in full leaf (though of course no fruit after the freeze).  Even the pluot that I thought was dead, has come back strong.
  Any ideas?
  SE Ohio, zone 5-6 depending on the map
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