[NAFEX] Bagging Apples

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Hi Bob,


No, I haven't tried the footies.  This is the first time with bags as well.
I had read about them, but didn't come away with a strong impression that
one was much preferred over the other.  And since I have baggies here.


Are there any particular advantages to the footies?  Can they be re-used?
Do they work as well as bags in keeping fungal infections off the apples?
Would footies be a better choice for peaches, compared to plastic bags?


It looks like the footies might be a little easier to put on, although
baggies are pretty easy.  I should get some to try, they're pretty cheap.







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Have you tried the fruit footies?  Many people in western Washington and
Oregon have been successful and very satisfied with the footies if they want
to keep away from the sprays.  See the following link:
http://www.homeorchardsociety.org/footies/  This link has a picture.  It is
a small picture but if you do a search on bag apples footies you will find a
lot of websites describing the use of these.  If you are satisfied with your
bagging process that is fine but I thought I would let you know about the



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