[NAFEX] the Bees(Earthworms)

Bill Russell shaman at pennswoods.net
Fri May 25 08:47:22 EDT 2007

I wonder if I could reseed them here.


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> Here is eastern Mass, I'm finding plenty of earthworms.  Possibly not
> as many as in some other years, but possibly I just haven't been
> planting much.  There's something about the rhythm of sticking my
> trowel into the sod that seems to pull worms out of the soil, but I
> haven't planted bulbs recently.  At any rate, as I pulled out weeds
> this evening I pulled up several worms, as well.
> Ginda
> On May 24, 2007, at 11:27 AM, Bill Russell wrote:
>> There's not one worm again in my compost piles or anywhere on my
>> land again
>> this year.
>> Bill
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>>> Plenty of earthworms under mulch, but where weeds and trees have
>>> mined the
>>> remaining soil moisture, the worms have had to go deep.  We had
>>> less than
>>> half an inch of rain in March, and looks like we'll wind up with just
>>> under
>>> an inch for May.  The other 3 months of this year were just barely
>>> average.
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