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I don't find ground cherries too much of a bother.  The thing I get with
them is trying to convince my brain that they're a sweet fruit , not
tomatillos.  Still, I tend to use them in sauces for savory things - like a
sweet/hot salsa, or grilling sauce, or relish.  Or jam, where my biased
brain can't see their shape.  


I read somewhere - perhaps on this very list - that one way to deal with
fruit like you describe is to freeze the bunches first, then pluck the
frozen berries from the stems.  I used to try to steam juice small bunched
berries like that, but unless they are clean of vegetative matter, the juice
tastes unpleasantly musty, almost dirty.  


Thanks much for the info!


~ Stephen



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They are pleasant, but they don't have acid. The flavor isn't tomato, but
you can tell they are in that family. I've never made preserves because I
don't make preserves. The main trouble with Wonderberries is that between
the small size of the berries and the juiciness, they are terribly tedious
to pick in quantity and clean for processing. You wind up with a bowl of
juice that has a lot of debris in it. I just keep a few around to nibble.
Even ground cherries (Physalis) are a lot easier to work with. If
wonderberries were larger, they might be easier to work with.
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