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Wed May 23 18:12:59 EDT 2007

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From: "Jim Fruth" <jfruth at tds.net>
>     I have questions about Huckleberries:  Is there enough interest in
> Huckleberries to have a NAFEX group?

I only know I have picked them, and they are GREAT!
Plus, you can freeze them, seal them in an airtight bag,
put the bag in a coffee can, tape the lid shut, put in a freezer
at 20 F below zero, and in a month you can smell it all through
the freezer. Fortunately it is a mild and pleasant smell, that goes
well with all meats, fruits, and everything normally found in a
deep freeze, LOL! No joke...!

I am unaware fo all the details involved in it having "a group,"
but it should be included somewhere in berries. It is worthy.

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