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That's the word about Western huckleberry, that it has to be gathered wild -
but I can't see why it couldn't be cultivated, given the right conditions.
If you bought a plot of land with a concentration of wild huckeleberry, and
harvested annually, is that a crop?  If you weed it, propagate it, and
protect it from varmints, at what point is it considered cultivated?  Would
it suddenly decide, "hey, I'm cultivated now, so no more fruit for you?"
People are certainly growing Western Huckleberry.  People also grow ramps,
fiddleheads, morels, truffles, and wasabi.  Many uncultivateable plants are
cultivated.   Difficulty providing the right conditions isn't the same as


~ Stephen



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where could I sennd seeds for her?sow it immediately.Small plants have to be
outdores during winter,better under snow.

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I have a friend who loves huckleberries, but swears that they can't be
cultivated. I recently had an email from her on this subject. (This would be
the western version; she has a friend in Montana who picks wild ones for

My friend doesn't actually know anything much about farming, and is not a
gardener, so I wondered if her information is correct. Jim, did you find
other people who were cultivating them, but who didn't want to sell plants?
or were they all wild harvesting?

Of course, if they aren't ordinarily cultivated, I expect some NAFEXers will
take it as a challenge ... 

Finger Lakes NY; zone 5 mostly 

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