[NAFEX] Service Berries

Mark Dorogi mddorogi at comcast.net
Tue May 22 09:13:33 EDT 2007

Serviceberries are very common landscape plants here in Southeast Michigan.
We planted three in front of our house a few years back, probably just the
wild ones.  The are loaded with berries every year, so many it's hard to eat
them all.  My kids go out there and just eat them straight off the plants,
or if we are energetic we make cobblers. They are pretty disease and insect
free, and we never do a thing to them.  The only problem we had was last
year when raccoons climbed up into one to get berries and pretty much
wrecked it.

Serviceberries are all over the University of Michigan campus as well;
literally hundreds of them, and some are quite tall.  They also are always
full of berries.  I haven't seen college students snacking on them, but it
is common to see flocks of cedar waxwings come in and eat their fill.

Mark Dorogi
Ann Arbor MI

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    Wild Juneberries are very prolific and common here in North Central 
Minnesota.  So far, they seem to be disease-free.  They do get zapped from 
late Spring frosts but, when that happens, I pick them around lakeshores 
where the heat from the water protected them.
    So, would I gain any advantage from planting a named variety?

Jim Fruth
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Pequot Lakes, MN  56472
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Well, all fruit has problems, I suppose. I don't want to hijack this
> thread, but I'd be interested in other comments about Serviceberries in
> general.
> Bill

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