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Dr. Thompson says that it now looks like bumblebees are the main 
pollinator of Haskap.  They have a long tongue that allows them to 
reach the nectar in the tubular flowers.  If you have no bumblebees, 
that might be part of the reason for poor set.  I have several bushes 
and ones that had tall grass around them at bloom time had poor set 
because the bumblebees couldn't get to the flowers.  The ones that were 
in the open seem to have set well.
Note that the fruit ripens a lot earlier than blueberries, about with 
or even a little ahead of strawberries, and birds can take the fruit 
before you even realize it's ready.
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On May 21, 2007, at 5:12 PM, drosehngs1 at juno.com wrote:

I haven't had much luck here with my (2) lonicera fruiting (although
they do seem well established & flower), and I understand its not just 

-- "vrana" <nokal at seznam.cz> wrote:
If you like blueberries so much, I can advice to you to try lonicera 
from edible species, there the blueberry taste is developed to
someboady or literature say something another, dont you believe, even to
scientists dont believe. Today I was picking crop from various clones.
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