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Mon May 21 13:20:48 EDT 2007

I really wish that I could find a copy of Richards book.  A few years
back I had an email conversation with him.  So do you think that in a
few years when the plants are bigger that it will turn around?  If I
know that I just have to wait I can live with that.  I just don't want
to keep investing time and space into something that is not suited to
the environment.  When they sell the plants they portray them as being
able to grow in many kinds of soil.   If I can find Richard's book it
would give me a better Idea of how to amend the soil if that is what
is needed.  Thanks for your response.

Chris Rice

P.S.  I just found his book in pdf form here:

I'm printing a copy of the book using Fedex Kinko's online:
Permission for non commercial copies is given on the website

Dr. Richard St. Pierre:  http://pgrc3.agr.ca/staff/stpierre_e.html

St-Pierre, R.G. 1997. Growing Saskatoons - A Manual For Orchardists.
Fifth Edition. Department of Horticulture Science, University of
Saskatchewan, Saskatoon, SK. 338 pp.

On 5/20/07, Richard MURPHY <murphman108 at msn.com> wrote:
> Hello Rice Chex;
> I have had a similar experience with Smoky Saskatoons both here in MA z6 and
> in Maine z4.
> Really young plants. A few berries, small and fell off.
> I have 200 Northline seedlings out in my yard here in MA to plant next week.
> I have read Dr. Richard St. Pierre's book.
> As far as I know we aren't doing anything wrong, so I'm going to keep trying
> and hope to find a cure, because I have tasted Saskatoon Jam. You can buy it
> on the web from Canadian places. It's so good. That's what started my
> interest.
> I'm going to try some soil PH modification, and possibly some Boron. I'll
> let you & the club know how that goes.
> One interesting question is, "How many leaves does it take to make a berry
> grow large?" Maybe we have teeny little bushes with a few blossoms, but the
> ratio to the leaves is wrong.
> Richard Murphy

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