[NAFEX] Northline Serviceberry (Chex)

Ginda Fisher list at ginda.us
Mon May 21 13:12:32 EDT 2007

I agree.  They look a lot like blueberries, and they have similar 
sweetness, and both are mild-flavored fruits.  But other than that they 
taste different.

I find serviceberries softer and drier and a little less acid than 
blueberries.  They're nice, but I prefer blueberries.  I've only eaten wild 
service berries, never cultivated ones.

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On Mon, 21 May 2007 09:41:09 -0500 Lucky Pittman
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>I see that 'tastes like a blueberry' thing in all the catalogs.  I 
>don't agree.  I guess they taste like...a serviceberry; they're 
>softer than blueberries, and as Naomi said, if you hit the seeds just 
>right, you get an almond undertone.
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