[NAFEX] the Bees

dwoodard at becon.org dwoodard at becon.org
Sat May 19 22:07:32 EDT 2007

I think the organic beekeeper referred to is Sharon Labchuk of Prince 
Edward Island. Her thought was that if the bees are allowed to build
the size of cell that is natural to them, which is closed off earlier
than the artificially large cells favoured by many beekeepers these
days, the bee larvae are exposed to mites for a shorter period and
the bees are able to keep many more of them mite-free.

Regarding mosquito repellents, I have read that oil of lavender
repels mosquitoes, and that there is commercial interest in it.

Doug Woodard
St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada

On Sat, 19 May 2007, Toni Pralle wrote:

> I mentioned to a net friend that I still haven't seen any bees here. She
> sent an article by a person in a different group she belongs to. I've asked
> Vickie's permission to post it here and invited her to join.
>> Vicky wrote:

> Neither is the organic bee keeper in canada who wrote about her organic
> method of making smaller bees, which I am not entirely sure what that is
> going to do. Mites dont care if a bee is big or small..But she might
> have something there I am not understanding.
> I am in the process of trying to develop an organic bug repellant with
> my cream..

> I got grand children and one is allergic to mosquito bites so I want to
> make something she can use with out worring about chemicals on her skin.
> I like the lime cause it is very refreshing and doesn't smell all girly.
> I like lavender on my face at night to sooth my mind and face. And I
> like the lemon to help fade those ugly brown spots here there and on
> hands.
> Vickie
> Toni in zone 4 Iowa USA

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