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Sat May 19 20:50:03 EDT 2007

>From: "Toni Pralle" <toni.pralle at gmail.com>
>I mentioned to a net friend that I still haven't seen any bees here. 
sent an article by a person in a different group she belongs to. I've 
Vickie's permission to post it here and invited her to join.
>Vicky wrote: ...snip...

I seem to have prodded that interesting post/repost on another list.

I have been investigating the possibility/potential for {deleted}
making a small hive system, suitable for those on 50x100's, for a few 
I may finally have found the right cohort.

The long and short of it is that cell phones as a casue seeems unlikely
to any scientific eye, and I cannot conceive that it lasted long enough
to become printed anywhere but the National Enquirer.

Non intermixing of breeds might be an issue. But sudden lose
all over the US makes that seem unlilkely as well, as far as a main 

However, my thrust is to place an innocuous, subtle, small hive on 
I want to recreate pollination after seeing a couple dozen bees 20 years
ago and *almost* none now, subburbally. Like ants 6 ft tall, elephants
the size of chiquaquas (sp?) it is not without some difficulty.  I 
believe we have
mastered those.  This won't help farmers a lot, but may help in general,
for in-town pollinations, and general bio-diversity. I won't post the
whole thing here.

Grow ON!
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