[NAFEX] Problems with Honeycrisp Apples

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Over the past three years, we have planted over 1,000 new honeycrisp trees 
as well as another 2,000 divided between Ginger Gold, Early Auvil Fuji, 
Granny Smith, Sansa, Jonamac, Suncrisp, Crispin and Royal Cortland.  The 
honeycrisp trees have not been a problem for us and are producing well after 
only three years.  We have had to do no thinning, and find the B9 root stock 
not over vigorous.  B9 is just the opposite and we have to fertilize 
annually to produce the equivalent growth of M26.  According to the article, 
we should be having problems that we have not experienced as of yet.  The 
only problem we have is trying to determine how much we should charge for 

Dennis Norton
Royal Oak Farm Orchard
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>    This is a link for an article expounding on all of the problems 
> associated with growing Honeycrisp Apples commercially:
> http://www.fruitgrowersnews.com/pages/arts.php?ns=620
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