[NAFEX] pecan problem

Lucky.Pittman at murraystate.edu Lucky.Pittman at murraystate.edu
Fri May 18 23:01:39 EDT 2007

What is wrong with TyTy? They are close to my growing area and had a big
selection of fruit.

What's wrong with TyTy?  
Well...They may be OK if you're close enought to actually go to the nursery and pick out your plant materials, but 
thousands of people who've purchased, mail-order, from these shysters could regale you with horrifying tales of 
receiving small, dry, dead rootless sticks, and when they call - if they get an answer, they're told to plant 
them, they'll be OK - or, they're instructed to send the dead plants back(at their own expense) in order to 
receive a replacement - dead, dry rootless stick.
You used to be able to get the low-down on TyTy at places like GardenWatchdog, but the scum who run the place 
threatened lawsuit because of the overwhelming negativity of customer reviews((95+% negative, and most of the 
positives were posted by TyTy folks masquerading as real people).  If you'd check, TyTy and its numerous 
incarnations have had numerous grievances filed against them with the GA state attorney's office and office of the 
commissioners of Agriculture and Commerce.

It is fun to browse through their online catalog and look at the cheesy - and often creepy - doctored photographs -
 they have this weird thing about combining random statuary and fruit, and usually a really sleazy looking young 
man. However, I'll say I really like the new hot babe with prominent cleavage a whole lot better than their 
previous 'garden expert' - a young tough in wife-beater T-shirt with a cigarette hanging out of his mouth. 
Wow! And how about that 'Japanese Purple Greek persimmon'?  Amazing!  I'll kiss your foot if that thing hasn't 
been painted with some purple tempera paint.

I ordered from them one time about 12 years ago, and swore I'd never do that again.


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