[NAFEX] Northline Serviceberry

Chex chex.rice at gmail.com
Fri May 18 12:48:35 EDT 2007

Hi all

Two years ago I planted 8 Northline Serviceberry plants I got from
Raintree across the front of my property.  They are mulched with
woodchips and get full sun.  I live in the Mississippi River Valley
and have rich black soil.  A neighboring home was demolished last week
and the soil is dark black as deep  as the foundation of the home.  I
live in zone 5a but have summers that get pretty hot.

Map showing my location

Last year I was happy to see some flowers but the few berries ended up
drying up when they were small.

This year I had many flowers (after the late freeze) and was hoping to
pick a half gallon or so of berries.  Now most of the berries are
doing what they did last year, turning dark blue and drying up when
they are small.

The plants are well watered and the growth this year is fast and furious still.

What is causing my serviceberries to do this?  Is my soil to rich?  Is
it to hot here, we have hit 90 F once already?  Do they need shade?
Is it a sign of substandard pollination?  Is it insect damnage of the

I really would like to taste a Northline Serviceberry and can't wait
another year!  If anyone has experience with them in my type of
environment I sure would like to hear some suggestions  . . .


Chris Rice
zone 5a, north western Illinois

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