[NAFEX] Sumac fruit question

mIEKAL aND dtv at mwt.net
Tue May 15 11:22:54 EDT 2007

The middle eastern sumac spice is Rhus coriaria L.  I use it all the  
time for making kuchumbar, an indian fresh salad.  The salad wouldn't  
taste right without it.


On May 15, 2007, at 9:59 AM, Bassem Samaan wrote:

> Sumac is one of the main spices of the middle east. It is the red  
> sumac, however the flavor of the sumac here in the east US doesn't  
> compare to the flavor of the Sumac of middle eastern coutnries. It  
> maybe a different species, although it's similiar in appearance.  
> The fruit is picked then grounded and is usually mixed with ground  
> theyme to make the traditional Lebanese spices called Zaatar, which  
> usually made into a pie. The Sumac there is tangy, has a sharp  
> flavor. It's excellent used for treament of stomach problems. It's  
> found in many middle eastern stores.
> Bass

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