[NAFEX] Sumac fruit opportunity

Jim Fruth jfruth at tds.net
Tue May 15 09:07:49 EDT 2007

    While scientists are off in the rain forest collecting samples for 
medicines, there is fruit here that goes uninvestigated.  Staghorn Sumac 
fruit has antibacterial/anti-fungal properties.  In our world where new 
forms of antibiotics are becoming scarce, Sumac holds a clue; I'll explain:
                             Here at Brambleberry Farm, we harvest a great 
many different kinds of fruits, all but one of which need refrigeration or 
freezing for long term storage.  Sumac is the exception.  We make a fruit 
syrup from the berries.  We store unprocessed fruit in sacks that are kept 
out of the weather.  The fruit doesn't rot.  It doesn't ferment.  It doesn't 
seem to break down in any way.  If I had taken a few more Organic Chemistry 
classes, I'd investigate Sumac as a possible antibiotic.  If any of you have 
the expertise, go for it because I'm not likely to ever do anything more 
with it than make syrup.  I have used both Rhus hirta, Staghorn Sumac, and 
R. glabra, Smooth Sumac.  I use R. hirta mostly because it imparts more 
flavor. than R. glabra.
    BTW, Sumac Syrup possesses the flavor or a citrus.

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