[NAFEX] Poison Sumac Question(links)

tanis grif tanisgrif at yahoo.com
Sun May 13 12:35:01 EDT 2007

OK, I'll bite.  Here are the links which I've included in my article.  Note that the
time to know about the chemistry of "urushiol" (the toxic component, and yes it is
found in different plants around world) is before you ever see the rash.  Once the
rash looks bad, just try to sooth it.


--- Doc Lisenby <> wrote:

> Jim, I suspect that the scratch and vinegar treatment acts mechanically the 
> same as the sandpaper/pot scrubber and strong alkaline soap.  The surfactant 
> effect of soap and vinegar probably act similarly. Urushiol, the active 
> allergen, is a mixture of nonvolatile hydrocarbons (oil) and is probably 
> emulsified or saponified by the alkalinity or acidity of soap or acetic 
> acid.  May be magical chemistry buffering or neutralization but I doubt it.
> As another off-topic note, some people respond to laquerware from the sap of 
> the Asiatic Lacquer Tree, another member of the Rhus family.
> Doc

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