[NAFEX] Poison Sumac Question

Doc Lisenby longdistshtr at shtc.net
Sun May 13 12:27:50 EDT 2007

Jim, I suspect that the scratch and vinegar treatment acts mechanically the 
same as the sandpaper/pot scrubber and strong alkaline soap.  The surfactant 
effect of soap and vinegar probably act similarly. Urushiol, the active 
allergen, is a mixture of nonvolatile hydrocarbons (oil) and is probably 
emulsified or saponified by the alkalinity or acidity of soap or acetic 
acid.  May be magical chemistry buffering or neutralization but I doubt it.
As another off-topic note, some people respond to laquerware from the sap of 
the Asiatic Lacquer Tree, another member of the Rhus family.

    I sent this to Tanis privately when, it seems I should have sent it to
the group:

    When I get poison Ivy, I dip my fingers into vinegar, then using those 
vinegary fingers, I scratch the blisters open. Follow that by rubbing in
some more vinegar and the rash begins healing immediately.

Jim Fruth"

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