[NAFEX] Poison Sumac Question

Jim Fruth jfruth at tds.net
Sun May 13 09:33:46 EDT 2007

    I'm curious why anyone talks about treating Poison Sumac because almost no one has ever seen the stuff.

    We make a syrup out of (Red) Sumac berries and so get to talk about Poison Sumac alot.  Poison Sumac grows in swamps in wet places and bears white berries that hang down, unlike the red berried, high ground sumacs whose berries point skyward. There is so much hype about Poison Sumac that most folks think the red Sumacs are poison. Out of several thousand people I have talked to about this subject, absolutely zero of them have ever encountered Poison Sumac. After all, how many of us like to get our feet wet by trudging around in swampy places?

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