[NAFEX] Anyone know where to get a Sal's fig?

loneroc loneroc at mwt.net
Sun May 13 06:56:16 EDT 2007

Thanks for the offer, Doc---

I thought you might have been the Southern doctor mentioned in the fig
posting.  I will remind you this fall.  I'll probably contact you in October
so scions can be mailed before our cold hits.  You can always pull the
leaves of then to hasten dormancy.

All this is contingent on me remembering, of course.  Having started the
down-hill slide from 50 a few weeks ago my memory isn't gone yet, but I
think improvement at this stage is not in the cards.  Wonder if there are
any youngsters on this list at all?  Interest in specialty areas of
horticulture seems to be on the wane.  I guess that playing video games
offers more entertainment than watching apple trees grow.
("Congratulations---you've reached the winter pruning level--would you like
to play again?")

Steve H. Lone Rock, WI

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> Steve, I was going to offer a cutting or two of both of them so that you
> would be as sure as anyone that they are Sal's and Chicago Hardy.
> It is late to start cuttings here and due to the late frost both of my
> mother specimens of each caught hell. My last year's growth is just about
> wiped out.  I will get you some of this year's growth this fall and will
> send them to you if you remind me.  No sweat on the swap, I can't eat that
> delicious cheese either so just let me know around November and send me
> address.
> Doc
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