[NAFEX] freeze damage on Snow apple blossoms

tanis grif tanisgrif at yahoo.com
Sat May 12 23:42:35 EDT 2007

Ironic, huh?  Of the apples I grow, I know 2 of their cultivar names: Snow and
Tolman Sweet.  The Snow blossoms this spring were deformed in petal and true flower
parts, so much so I nearly blamed it on the neighbor's ag spraying.  Then I saw same
damage about half as bad on the TS, which is far less likely to receive spray drift.
 Other trees (forgotten names & chance-seedlings) had less blossom deformity, but
some of these are taller and I lacked time/ambition to do evals via ladder.

During that cold snap in early April, native stuff with earlier appearance of flower
buds (willows, hazelnuts, Amelanchier, plum, pin cherry, red elderberry/S.pubescens,
Ribes) just sat and thought for a while, then when weather warmed up they gradually
continued what they'd been doing.  No, I didn't take a hand-lens to each of these,
just quick peeks.  LEAVES of the red elderberry (the early ripening non-edible
species) showed some toasting, but the flower clusters, which were about 3/4" when
that cold hit, look great.  Amazing. 

Tanis Cuff, s.WI, BTW the lot logged 3 winters ago is full of the red elderberry--
birds will have food for a week or 2 here 

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