[NAFEX] poison ivy off-topic?(not a repeat)

tanis grif tanisgrif at yahoo.com
Sat May 12 23:24:08 EDT 2007

Doc, with your powerful sense of humor, I would think your poison ivy rash would
just flee from that!  Thanks for the encouragement!  And I sort of notice we
horticultural listers either are seasonal-cyclical or we have really bad memories,
because we keep repeating the good info-- my point being we probably forget the bad
posts too.

It occurs to me a poison ivy article could turn into a very long string like some of
the message boards I skimmed thru recently.  I've included links to those links in
the article, and beg that everyone with an exciting sure-fire miracle cure please
check those first, or at least do some quick googles, before posting to this list. 
Have mercy on the moderator & the archive capacity!

Certainly, if anyone spots anything in the article which they know is hazardous or
medically wrong or even bad logic, do speak up!

More later, after "my editor" says yea or nay. 

--- Doc Lisenby <> wrote:

> If it is any better than the one I gave a few posts ago please send it to me 
> privately.   If it isn't, it will be good for a laugh.  As I mentioned 
> before about the insect stings treatments, if it works for you, go with it. 
> Might only work for you though.  It isn't the one about bathing in sausage 
> gravy and having the hounds lick you clean, is it?  Never seen anything work 
> for Rhus poisoning except the sandpaper and strong soap treatment.(Except 
> cortisone)
> Doc 
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