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Your pawpaw looks perfectly normal and happy.  The growing tips of pawpaws always look a bit wilted compared to pome and prunus fruit trees, but I have never seen them look any other way.  As the tree grows, some pawpaws have leaves that hang straight down and grow to 14 inches long, others have leaves that are held more horizontal and grow to only 8 inches.

I have generally used old metal venetian blind slats nailed across a rectangular frame about 4 ft tall, with the slats spaced a slat-width apart.  Then I used a brace to hold the frame at an angle as close to the tree as possible.  This "50% shade" has worked well.


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>This year is the first year I'm trying to grow pawpaws.  I planted them this
>spring and they survived the big freeze.  Now I'm wondering if I am shading
>them correctly.  I've read that a 30" barrel with both ends cut out provides
>good shade and that by the time the pawpaw grows out of the top of the
>barrel, it no longer needs shade.
>Since I don't have any barrels, I built some wooden boxes (36" tall) to
>shade the small trees.  However, the little pawpaws do get some direct
>sunlight when sun's overhead (maybe an hour per day).  Is this too much sun?
>Has anyone out there shaded young pawpaws this way?
>I'm wondering because the tops of the new foliage are bent over.  The
>foliage looks healthy but it's bent over.  Is this normal or is the sun
>beating it down?
>Here are some pictures:
>Here is one of the shade boxes:
>Here is one of the pawpaw's with it's top bent over:
>Here is a pawpaw that I'm holding up the top:
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