[NAFEX] poison ivy off-topic?

tanis grif tanisgrif at yahoo.com
Sat May 12 19:50:04 EDT 2007

Today the weather is so perfect here, we keep checking the calendar to be certain
this is a weekend.  Yet instead of playing outside, I've been at the computer to
beat a deadline for getting an article into a local newsletter for gardeners.  It's
about poison ivy/oak/sumac rash prevention & treatment.  I recently had a big-bad
p.ivy rash that sent me googling for better treatment options, and I thought it
worthwhile to share with others who might be trying to invent that wheel.

Someone else is tweeking my version for readability and liability, then I can offer
it to others.  Would such an article be an appropriate post for this list,
considering slightly off-topic and this list might have different liability "red

Tanis Cuff, s.WI near heaven today

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