[NAFEX] Tall skinny cherry tree pot

tanis grif tanisgrif at yahoo.com
Sat May 12 19:40:53 EDT 2007

How tall or how many years old is the cherry tree?  If it looks WAY too old for the
pot size, I'd say the pot volume rather than shape is to blame.  BUT, also consider
a cause of death might have been too much winter cold on the roots.  I've been
having trouble getting seedlings & 1-yr-old black-cherry thru a winter, in pots,
because even with "good" storage, the roots just can't take it.  Tops leaf out in
spring, and mostly eventually cave.

Are you sure it's a field-grown tree squeezed into this pot?  I just can't picture
any nursery-owner putting toothpaste back in the tube!  I think these pots are
becoming standard for some growers; the tree probably got its start in that pot.

Some parts of the country had a bit worse cold punishment than other winters.  Or
possibly the shipment was exposed to that extreme cold we had in early April-- NOT
necessarily blaming the nursery.

Have you given up on this tree?  I'm seeing some slooowwww recovery on some pears I
transplanted just before that cold snap, and I thought were dead.  Gardeners always
need more planting space, but I hate to pull these up yet!  

--- "Regina M. Kreger" <> wrote:

> Along with the two seedling pawpaws, I also received a Northstar 
> cherry.  It came in a pot 4" wide by 13.5" tall.  I thought that was a 
> little strange.  It has roots along the whole 13.5", with at least one 
> strong one all the way to the bottom, but of course it is very 
> constrained.  In fact I think it's dead.  I think it arrived alive but 
> died within a few days, faster than I could get it in a bigger 
> container.  I would have expected to get the pawpaws in a tall container 
> since I've heard they have taproots, but I'd never heard that cherries 
> have taproots.  I suppose it was field-grown, and this is the root 
> "ball" they dug up......
> This is from a nursery about which I have never heard anything but good, 
> so I won't name it without at least calling and talking to them about 
> this.  But since I am still a total novice fruit-grower, I thought I'd 
> first ask you good folks if it seems weird to you too?
> The 2 pawpaws, 1 fig, 1 peach, and 2 pears are all thriving, still in 
> the pots they shipped in (well, I managed to pot up the fig and peach 
> just now).
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