[NAFEX] Tall skinny cherry tree pot

Regina M. Kreger regina at kreger.net
Sat May 12 16:36:43 EDT 2007

Along with the two seedling pawpaws, I also received a Northstar 
cherry.  It came in a pot 4" wide by 13.5" tall.  I thought that was a 
little strange.  It has roots along the whole 13.5", with at least one 
strong one all the way to the bottom, but of course it is very 
constrained.  In fact I think it's dead.  I think it arrived alive but 
died within a few days, faster than I could get it in a bigger 
container.  I would have expected to get the pawpaws in a tall container 
since I've heard they have taproots, but I'd never heard that cherries 
have taproots.  I suppose it was field-grown, and this is the root 
"ball" they dug up......

This is from a nursery about which I have never heard anything but good, 
so I won't name it without at least calling and talking to them about 
this.  But since I am still a total novice fruit-grower, I thought I'd 
first ask you good folks if it seems weird to you too?

The 2 pawpaws, 1 fig, 1 peach, and 2 pears are all thriving, still in 
the pots they shipped in (well, I managed to pot up the fig and peach 
just now).

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